Our one-visit CEREC crowns restore vitality to your teeth!

Same-Day, Single Visit Crowns

One of the great innovations of the last decade is same-day, single visit crowns. This procedure allows you to have your crown made and permanently cemented the day of your appointment. This eliminates the need for an impression, temporary crown, and a second visit to cement the permanent crown weeks later. Dr. Hutchison uses the CEREC CAD/CAM system by Sirona, the industry leading standard, for one appointment crowns. This technology allows him to completely customize your crown restoration chairside. When your appointment is complete, your crown is ready to function normally and you are able to go about your day as usual. As with any medical procedure, you should discuss with your doctor the best option for treatment.
Bridge Restorations

Traverse City Dental Work Crowns Before & AfterIf a tooth cannot be saved and needs to be extracted, a bridge is a tooth replacement option available in certain circumstances. Bridges are often considered if you are not a candidate for dental implants, and are an incredibly realistic means of replacing a natural tooth, both in appearance and function.

Bridges replace a missing tooth space with a prosthetic tooth that is permanently attached to the neighboring teeth. The prosthetic replacement tooth on a bridge is made from the same materials as dental crowns. The teeth on both sides of the missing tooth space serve to support the replacement tooth, and these neighboring teeth are typically prepared for crowns.

When a bridge is made, the crowns that cover the neighboring teeth are permanently connected to the replacement prosthetic tooth. Because it is one connected restoration, a bridge can present difficulty in daily cleaning for patients. Dental floss cannot pass in between the connected teeth and instead must be threaded underneath the bridge to ensure adequate hygiene.

Because a bridge relies on the neighboring teeth for support, the heath of these teeth play a critical role in the long-term success of a bridge. A bridge may not be advised if the neighboring teeth are too unhealthy. Alternatively, if the neighboring teeth are in very good condition, an implant may be advised rather than a bridge as a dental implant does not involve preparation of healthy neighboring teeth.

As with any medical procedure, you should discuss your best option for treatment with your provider. Dr. Hutchison and Dr. Hershey will help you decide which option is best for you: dental implant or a bridge.

It is important to note that there are a couple disadvantages with bridges as well.

  • Bridges can be destructive to the adjacent teeth
  • Difficulty cleaning as extra care is needed to keep the underside of the bridge clean as the area is prone to plaque accumulation.

For these two reasons alone, our doctors typically will recommend an implant versus a bridge in most circumstances.

On the occasion when a bridge is recommended, our dental bridges use the best materials for your unique needs. These materials will provide the strength and structure needed for the area of the mouth that they repair. Modern bridges are very realistic in both form and function, so you can enjoy smiling and eating your favorite foods.

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