Traverse City, MI Laser Dentistry

Our dedication to innovative dental technologies allows us to offer painless dentistry to the Traverse City and surrounding areas. We utilize both PowerLase and Waterlase Dentistry lasers for most services.

The benefits of this technology are seemingly endless. Laser dentistry provides patients with a more comfortable dental visit with less use of the traditional dental drill. Some of the specific highlights include:

  • Fewer Shots and Less Anesthesia
  • Proven Technology
  • Patient Comfort
  • Precision and Accuracy
  • Reduction in Discomfort
  • Less Bleeding and Swelling
  • Fewer Dental Visits
  • Versatility

This technology is used successfully on both adults and children. Unlike a traditional dental drill, lasers typically do not require anesthesia and do not create the noise, vibration, or pressure of the drill. These revolutionary instruments can be used to prepare a tooth for a metal-free composite filling or numerous other dental procedures. Enjoy faster, more comfortable treatment because you do not need shots of anesthesia and walk out of the office after your procedure without any numb feeling.

Children especially benefit from laser technologies. If your child is anxious about visiting the dentist, we encourage you to give our office a call. Associates in Family Dentistry is eager to serve you and your family with the best technology that advanced dentistry has to offer.

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