What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots, of which are made of titanium. An implant is aimed at providing a strong foundation for fixed (permanent) or removable replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth. Instead of individual crowns, some patients may have attachments on their implant that support a removable denture.

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What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

There are many advantages to dental implants for which I have listed below:

An improved appearance

Dental implants will look and feel like your own teeth and because Dental Implants are designed to fuse and mold with your bone, they will become permanent.

Improved speech

Poor-fitted dentures can cause your teeth to slip within the mouth causing you to mumble or slur particular words. With our Dental implants, they’ll allow you to speak without the worry that teeth might slip.

Improved comfort

Our Dental Implants become part of you and will help eliminate the discomfort of removable dentures.

Easier eating

Sliding dentures often make chewing and consuming food difficult. Dental implants function like your own teeth, allowing you to eat your favorite foods with confidence and without discomfort.

Improved self-esteem.

Dental implants will help give you back your smile and help you feel more confident for when speaking and out in public.

Improved oral health.

Dental implants don’t require reducing other teeth, as a tooth-supported bridge does. Because nearby teeth are not altered to support the implant, more of your own teeth are left intact, improving long-term oral health. Individual implants also allow easier access between teeth, improving oral hygiene.


Dental Implants are very durable and will last for many years. With good care and regular checkups, many implants will last a lifetime.


Removable dentures of course are removable. Dental implants eliminate the embarrassing inconvenience of removing dentures, as well as the need for messy adhesives to keep them in place.

How Successful Are Dental Implants?

Success rates of dental implants can vary depending on a few factors however the most crucial factor being where in the jaw the implants are placed but, in general, with our service and from our previous clients we have a success rate of over 98%.

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