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Best phone call I ever made. The receptionist was really awesome, she took the time to look my insurance up and went beyond to follow up with me to make sure I know what my cost was. The staff was incredible awesome. My hygienist was really fantastic. She took the time to explain everything and was very knowledgeable , she made me feel very comfortable. Also my dentist was fantastic, he was super informative and pleasant .

Leah Hart

The dental hygienist was fantastic! Explained a lot and took her time. The dentist was very brief and didn’t do much explaining so not sure on a few things but I feel comfortable speaking with the staff on anything I might have a question on. Overall experience was very good! Definitely going back and would recommend to anyone!
Tallie Cook

The Best Office Ever! From the Front Desk… to the chair…. and back to the desk afterwards. EVERYONE IS KNOWLEDGEABLE! ANSWERING ALL OF MY QUESTIONS. And EXPLAINING EVERYTHING TO ME DURING MY VISIT! They are so up to date on Everything. My visit was Awesome! Thank you, Again! I will see all of you in a few months! 😉
Darleen Kent

Crowns Made Easy

“For someone who typically fears the dentist chair, this visit removed that fear. Everything was perfect from the time I checked in to the time I checked out. What really impressed me was the technology used in being able to walk away with new crowns, instead of just a temporary. The view of the bay is just an added bonus!”
– Anonymous

Friendly and Speedy!

Had my first appointment with them today and there was no wait time at all. They listened to my concerns and had a plan set immediately. On top of that, it seemed very well priced and they were very friendly with me!
– Jordan Smith

Great Care

I am repeatedly impressed with how quickly and painlessly Dr Hutchinson can “get in and get the work done”! I had all my silver fillings replaced and was very reluctant to get this done due to previous poor experiences with a dentist downstate but I am so glad I had Dr Hutchinson do the work because everything went so smoothly!
– Anonymous


The cheerful gals in the office make my visit less stressful. And it is obvious that it is a good place to work as the personal stays around.
– Jane Lienau

A Great Team

Diane was great, she did a good job at cleaning my teeth! As always, Dr. Hutchison is someone you can trust.
– Sally Himmelspach

Quick & Competent

Had two fillings replaced. The procedure was quick and was performed with competence. What more could one ask of his dentist ?
– Thomas George

1st Visit

I was really afraid but everyone was very friendly and my fears were gone within minutes…thank you everyone.
– Marilynn Arnold

Cutting Edge Dentistry, Outstanding Care

I have been a patient of Dr. Hutchison for 4 years and have nothing but the finest experiences with he and his staff. They use the latest technology available including their own CNC milling machine on-site to make immediate crowns in a single visit. At my last cleaning I was impressed with the photos they shot of my teeth, showing me areas where I needed better attention to flossing. I would recommend Associates in Family Dentistry to anyone looking to upgrade their dental care!
– Michael Binsfeld

Traverse Cities Finest

If you want quality dental work done, by highly trained genuinely nice people using the latest technologies, look no further than Associates in Family Dentistry.
– Ron Hoth

Always on Time

Thanks so much to Associates in family dentistry. My time is very valuable and the crew at AIFD is always on time I never have to sit in the waiting room . I highly recommend this office!
– Daniel Abney

Great Experience, Professional Care

From the facilities to the friendly, engaging staff to the expert care, I am never disappointed with my experience.
– William Marsh

I Love Diane!

I do truly love your office the front desk is great and so is Dr. Hutchinson, but a special kudos goes to Diane. I think the best hygienist in the world. I selfishly hope she never retires, even though I would love to hear about her traveling the world and enjoying life.Hopefully she is mentoring the next generation hygienists in your office.
– Sara Harding
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