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General Dentistry Services

Our general dentistry services include routine cleaning and exams, as well as restorative procedures like fillings, root canals, and crowns.

Preventive Care

Keeping your biannual dentist appointment is important to maintain your overall health. A thorough cleaning and exam will keep tartar and plaque at bay and your exam will check for gingivitis or other issues that can be treated most effectively and with less discomfort if detected early.

Restorative Services

Restorative dental services are those that are aimed at managing the health and function of the teeth. We use a Lightwalker dental laser for maximum comfort with less use of the dental drill.

Dental Implants & Crowns

One of our specialties at Associates in Family Dentistry is placing dental implants and creating crowns for your most natural-looking smile. Implants are the permanent solution for missing teeth. A post is integrated into the jaw, allowed time to heal, and is then covered by a crown created with CAD/CAM and CEREC® technology.

CEREC® allows us to create a crown or veneer on the same day as your crown-fitting visit. No impressions, delays waiting for a lab, or extra visits.

Cavities & Root Canals

Our Lightwalker dental laser decreases drill use and increases your comfort during cavity treatment. We use tooth-colored fillings rather than metal fillings for a stronger, longer lasting filling as well as a more pleasing aesthetic look.

Some cavities extend into the pulp of the tooth and require root canal therapy. The pulp contains nerve tissue that, in these cases, has become infected or inflamed. Root canal therapy is a procedure that removes the pulp, cleans the inside of the tooth, and seals the area with a flexible substance. The tooth is then restored with a crown or filling.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ (temporomandibular joint pain) symptoms include pain in the inner neck, headaches, muscle spasms, clicking of the jaw, and more. Dr. Hutchison is experienced in neuromuscular dentistry, used to treat TMJ. His training through both the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) and Occlusal Connections allows him to evaluate and treat misalignments that cause TMJ.

Dr. Hutchison uses a K7 jaw tracking instrument to study jaw placement and movement. He also uses TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units to relax muscles for instant relief.

Other General Dentistry Services

For all of your dental needs in Traverse City, MI and the surrounding areas, call 231.946.9644 or contact us today!

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